Customized software

This business unit combines our technologies, solutions and project examples, which are customized to the needs of our customers. Through our specialization in energy efficiency, we are permanently moving in the technology environment of the Industrie 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT), so as in this case, a great knowledge and experience can be found. Your requirements, which are beyond our standard products, we also gladly fulfill customize them for you.

Within the scope of agile projects, our customers can at any time give feedback and actively influence the development of your solution. The nice thing: as a relatively small and therefore dynamic team, we can usually start your project in a timely manner so that you can quickly hold a high-quality result in your hands. Not infrequently, we are able to access existing software components (for example from enerchart) in new developments and adaptations, which means an additional plus in quality and speed.

Let us inspire you by our examples and tell you about your specific needs.