Premium energy management with enerchart

Larger companies, public services, and public institutions need an energy management system (ENMS) without compromise. With our system enerchart, demanding organizations are also satisfied, because we are really strong where others have gave up. The industry in particular, but also, for instance, energy suppliers, trade chains and facility management specialists are using enerchart worldwide.

Enerchart stands for software. Without own meter/data loggers and without the binding to specific hardware manufacturers, enerchart can concentrate entirely on its claim to be the best possible software. Since 2014 a team of computer scientists, software developers, energy experts, and engineers has been continuously working on the improvement and further development of enerchart.

Energy transparency ingrown structures with a wide range of energy forms and a colorful mixture of existing and non-existent energy meters spread over several locations - here, enerchart is a strong player with its openness and a high degree of integration. Enterprise-class energy management means, above all, scalability in all directions.

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