Rendering of trade fair booth with MICA branding and sps ipc drives label
Meet us at the SPS IPC
24. November 2017
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Our triple at E-World 2019
29. January 2019

What we do for cities and municipalities

Illustration of what municipalities might need

Why do cities and municipalities appreciate our work? Because we support energy efficiency, sustainability and digitization efforts in several areas:

Some of our best-known tools such as Kom.EMS, mod.EEM and are only suitable for German-speaking countries. But our most future-oriented solutions are fully internationalized:

We combine Smart City with energy management. In the area of energy management and energy monitoring we offer standard products as well as individually adapted solutions based on enerchart. Hereby we combine energy management with additional added value (e.g. billing functions) and SmartCity services (waste disposal, traffic), e.g. using a LoRaWAN infrastructure together. We deliver the solution for your digitization strategies.

By the way, many of the added values mentioned are also of interest to regional energy suppliers and can be integrated into their business processes. We will be happy to show you projects that have already been implemented in a personal meeting.