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21. May 2017
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18. May 2017

Energy Billing

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With a well-networked energy management system such as enerchart, various energy sources such as electricity, heat, gas, water, oil and any other media can be captured, stored and varied in a wide range of ways. Consumption values can also be collected via virtual (= computational) measuring points. Therefore, it is obvious to continue processing this data collection for the billing with the appropriate consumption points.

An extension module for billing provides further information, e.g. Address data, contract data, network fees and tariffs into the system, thereby allowing the creation of bills from customers, tenants or other internal or external cost centers. The system covers the following application scenarios in the areas of industry, trade and facility management:

  • Settlement of rental units

    In classical residential and commercial units, the actually consumed media (water, electricity, heat) are regularly billed to tenants. Here, readable or cross-linked counters (also mixed) are used.

    Tenants can purchase energy at different rates. Turns-fremde interim billing are also possible (for example, when changing tenants).

    Finished billing documents can be also prepared to be sent directly by e-mail directly to the debtor or, for example, Can be made available for this in a customer portal of the creditor.

  • Internal billing in companies

    In larger companies and industrial companies, the energy costs are broken down by company units (cost centers) using internal measurements. The invoicing of the company accounts for an internal allocation of these costs.

    The module provides the billing basis by allocating the energy of the respective cost centers, allocating tariffs or billing rates, and generating corresponding invoices.

  • Flexible billing intervals

    For billing the actual energy consumption of short-term rental objects or production means.These can be, for example, "flexible offices", which are now often rented on a daily basis, to hire tenants or, for example, to accommodate server and computer capacities

    E-mobility also falls into this area. Short-term leased vehicles can be billed precisely according to energy consumption, as long as the consumption metering is possible with enerchart.

    The invoices are not generated on a regular basis, but usually on demand. This can be done daily or even several times per day.

  • Audits

    Companies with numerous branches/branches should also be able to use the module for the automated verification of your billing. In this case, the comparative bills generated by the module are processed in a form that enables the most efficient setpoint / actual adjustment possible.

    For this scenario, additional accounting items, e.g. Net charges and contractual fixed assets..

We would be pleased to present you with the billing systems you have already developed and discuss your individual energy bill.