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21. May 2017
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21. May 2017

LoRa ™, LoRaWAN and other IoT wireless networks

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The Long Range Wide Area Network, or LoRaWAN, is a low-power wireless network protocol designed for Internet communications (IoT). The LoRaWAN specification is freely available and uses the proprietary modulation technology LoRa ™. This technology is designed to achieve a high range (> 10 km), a good building penetration and above all a high energy efficiency of the IoT devices at the expense of a relatively low data transmission rate. The latter should reach a battery life of up to 15 years. In addition to LoRaWAN, there are further radio technologies, such as e.g. Sigfox and Narrowband IoT (NB-IOT) with similar advantages as LoRa.

With these properties, LoRa is especially suited for energy management. The "IoT devices" are usually energy meters or environmental sensors, which are integrated into a holistic energy management system in a cost-effective, reliable, safe and long-term manner can. This ultimately leads to an increase in transparency and thus the containment of further potential savings. By eliminating the need for costly cabling, this technology is equally interesting for industry, retail and facility management.

LoRa is suitable both for continuous energy management in the minute's range and for cyclic meter readings. Since LoRaWAN can be covered in freely usable frequency ranges (433 MHz and 868 MHz) and, moreover, with a small number of gateways (radio base stations), the wireless network opens up new, attractive business fields to energy suppliers, public services, and measurement service providers.

Krumedia GmbH already has experience in the successful integration of various LoRa components into a holistic energy management system up to the smart grid. This includes the establishment of a separate gateway infrastructure and the secure connection of the devices to service platforms such as Energy management systems. If IoT devices leave their own private LoRa network, a combination of private LoRaWAN networks and nationwide LoRa network operators (for example, Loriot, Actility or Digimondo) makes sense. Also, the combination of LoRaWAN and other networks, e.g. Sigfox is of course possible.

It is self-evident that our energy management system enerchart already supports IoT networks in many ways. Immerse yourself in the Internet of Things, with krumedia you have the right partner at your side.