Software as a Service

"Software as a Service" SaaS, we offer energy efficiency tools that you can use immediately. The use of these services does not require any installation, you immediately start with a web browser of your choice. These tools are free or inexpensive usable and offer maximum flexibility and minimum administrative expenses, as only an Internet connection is required. In this way, we offer energy consultants and smaller companies a quick and easy introduction to professional energy management.

The applications and your data are naturally "in the cloud" at SaaS, on external servers. Here we pay attention to maximum protection and data security: all connections to the browser are solely encrypted, your data remains on servers in certified data centers in Germany and our privacy policies exclude any transfer or re-use of your data categorically.

By the way, on almost all of our SaaS services is for the user an export function for its data ready so captured or collected data in external systems available are. The service is therefore not the "data one-way street". We hereby follow our basic principle: Our customers are not using our tools because they have to but, because they want it.